Thorkil Grøns Samlecentral

Denmark’s most flexible collection central with first class sorting of all kinds of fish

ensures you the very best market price. Regardless time of day and quantity, we

are always ready to receive your fish at the quay. We provide a comprehensive

quality control, and we always go trough the fish and make sure it is presentable

to buyers.

Our company is placed centrally in Hanstholm, which is Denmark’s leading fishing

port of fisheries for human consumption with the largest fish auction in the country.

This makes the port one of Northern Europe’s largest fishing ports. Hanstholm

Fish Auction is the auction that sets the price level in the EU – therefore we can

always ensure the best prices.

At our company you get:

  • Uninterrupted cooling chain – right from the fish comes to us and till it reaches                            the receiver, we have one uninterrupted cooling chain, which ensures the buyer                       a fresh and delicious fish.
  • Full traceability – as one of the first companies, we offer full traceability of all                              the fish we handle – from ship to refrigerated counter.
  • Full settlements for the entire catch – at our company you can count on full                        settlements for all kilos of fish you have caught.
  • Full service 24 hours a day, all year round – we are open 24/7 365 days a year.

We are constantly in contact with the fish auction, therefore, we keep track of

days with less entered fish, and we also keep track of the days most likely to have

the highest prices.

Grøn’s Samlecentral was established in 1967 – the same year as the Port of Hanstholm

was established. We are, therefore, one of the oldest companies of the

port. We are a modern and development-oriented company, and we keep ourselves

updated continuously, both technologically and relating to personnel.

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West-Ship Shipbroker Company

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